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Medical Devices

Immobilisation is a critical step to reduce instability and harm when transporting a patient. The products below provide the highest-quality and most comfortable care for patients requiring immediate attention.

The Laerdal Stifneck select extrication collar is four different collars in one. Stabilize spinal patients correctly and easily with 4 different sizing options that all lock quickly and safely into place.

When a cervical spine injury is suspected, Laerdal is confident that the Stifneck extrication collar, as the pioneer of extrication collars, will enable you to provide the best care possible. With four adult sizes and two pediatric sizes, the Stifneck collars fit any patient providers might come across.

The Laerdal BaXstrap Spineboard provides the highest quality and most comfortable care for patients requiring immediate emergency spinal care. As one of the lightest, most rigid boards on the market, the Baxstrap Spineboard prepares providers for any situation. The durable and uniquely contoured design, matched with our private labeling option, makes the Baxstrap Spineboard the premium spine board on the market.

Our Thomas Tube Holders secure advanced airway devices, such as Endotracheal Tubes and Supraglottic Airway devices, after insertion into the trachea or oesophagus to reduce the risk of accidental extubation.

The HeadBed II Head Immobilization device is a disposable, water resistant Head Immobilizer that allows for quick and easy patient assessments due to its open ear design. The HeadBed II provides immobilization with most spineboards and fits adults, children, and infants.

The Speedblocks Head Immobilizer facilitates patient immobilization quickly and efficiently. Speedblocks have a reusable base and blocks that have multi axis sliding to lock in any position. For a reusable head immobilizer at the cost of a disposable head immobilizer, Speedblocks is the top choice.

Padpack alignment pads enable neutral alignment during immobilization by padding between patient and spineboard. Padpacks provide safety and security and can help avoid the need for on the fly solutions to stabilize patients for immobilization.

The Laerdal Pedi- Pad Spineboard Pad enables providers to stabilize children of up to 8 years properly. By elevating a child’s shoulders, providers can achieve neutral alignment of the cervical spine. The Laerdal Pedi-Pad facilitates safer care of children in situations where spinal injury is suspected.

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